Water paradise Vyhne


Water paradise Vodný raj Vyhne is a multifunctional recreation center designed mainly (but not only) for recreational swimming. Guests can decide for themselves how they wish to spend their leisure time in our center and relax by the water. Recreation services, swimming pools, water slides, toboggans and other water attractions all reach European standards. Park offers following possibilities:

1)     Multifunctional swimming pool – max. length 50 m, max. width 20,5 m, total surface area 948 m²:

o       3 swimming lanes - 50 m long

o       3 swimming lanes - 25 m long

o       Diving pool – 4 m deep

o       Relaxation zone with bubble spa, massaging water streams and jets and other water attractions. 

2)      Indoor pool (connected to the outdoor one) – max. 17 m long, 4 m wide

3)      Children’s pool (in the shape of ship) – max. 22 m long, 20,5 m wide and 0,25 –0,45 deep

4)      Pool with 56 m long water toboggan 

5)      Water slide


Relaxation and sports centre offers following services:

  • Massage
  • Sauna world – two steam saunas, one of which is aromatic and another one dry sauna 
  • Infrasauna
  • Bubble spa
  • Whirlpool bath tubs
  • Hydromassage bath tubs
  • Fitness
  • Squash
  • Bowling - 2 bowling lanes
  • Solarium


      Other sporting facilities include:

  • 2 clay tennis courts, which can also be used as volleyball courts
  • 2 clay volleyball courts
  • 1 children’s playground 

      Catering services provided in the park include:

  • Summer terrace restaurant
  • Snacks sold in the relaxation and sports centre

      Additional services:

  • Information services provided at reception and information desk located near the entrance,
  • Assistance with booking tickets for various local cultural events or tourist attractions,
  • Postcards and souvenir selling.

Park complex also includes cloakrooms, completely rebuilt sanitary facilities and  95- space parking lot.

Official website of water paradise Vodný raj Vyhne: www.vodnyrajvyhne.sk


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